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Fabrics for skinning your boat.

We only sell fabrics that are well suited for abuse a kayak see's and that will hold up to years of use. 
Aircraft fabrics are too light and not durable enough for any serious kayaking.
Fabrics sold for tents, clothing, backpack and other outdoor uses are to light and not safe to use a kayak.

Please keep your safety in mind when choosing fabric and not just the cost!

Coated or 'waterproofed' fabrics were never meant to be used in a boat and not really waterproof when used on a kayak. This is why we sell only uncoated fabrics that you apply a true waterproof coating too.

Uncoated fabrics we sell are typically made for some sort of industrial use and not avaialbe except in larger quanities. We are constantly looking for fabrics and suppliys come and go. So our inventory changes year to year.

Sometimes we see the store calculate shipping cost to the West Coast that are much higher than they should. If you are ordering 20 feet or less of fabric and you see shipping of $20 or more let us know. When it overcharges we issue a refund but in the rush sometimes we don't catch it. 

Premium 6 oz polyester (sold per foot)

Premium 6 oz polyester * 64" wide * Sold per foot

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