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Measure you boat wisth where shown and the legth you want the bags to be,  then pick a size that is slightly larger than your boat. Float bags need to fill as much space as possible to keep the maximum amount of water out.

If you need something different contact me and we will be glad tog give you a quote.


Our bags are made in our shop. We use 200 denier nylon fabric and weld the seams. They is one brass eyelet on the end for those that use pulleys to pull the bag in place. Extras can be added for a small charge. They come with heavy vinyl fill tubes, approximate 36” long for the bow and 18” on the stern bags.


COLORS may vary fom what is shown depending on what material is available. If color matters contact us before ordering.



If a seam fails within one year of the sales date, return the bag to me and I will repair or replace it at our option. 


Make sure your float bag is the proper size for your boat. If a bag is to small for your boat it can cause the fabric to rip at the seam from being over inflated and this is not covered by the warranty

Never pull the bags out of the boat by the inflator hose. This can cause leaks at the hose or the fittings.


It is normal for a float bag to leak down some over time. Always check and make sure the bag is fully inflated before using your boat!




Bags are typically built when ordered. Allow a week for shipping.


Bags are sold individualy. 


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