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3/16" black rope

3/16" black rope

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Artificial Sinew

Approximately 400 feet of waxed artificial sinew.

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Brass rub strip (stem band)

Brass half roundl, 3/8" wide with solid back.  Makes excellent rub strips on ends of the boats. You can beach the bow of you boat without fear of rubbing a hole in the skin.

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Now: $15.00
Bungee Cord

1/4" Bungee Cord * MARINE GRADE

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Economy 6 oz. Polyester

 Economy 6 oz polyester * Oxford weave * 66" wide

Qty in Stock: 890
Float Bag Sets

The most overlooked yet very important safety item.
Float bags Sets for your Kudzu Craft Boat.



$70.00 - $80.00
Float bags -individual

The most overlooked yet very important safety item.

FOOT RESTS - SeaLect Design

Adjustable foot rests.

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Footrest mounting bracket

Footrest mounting brackets

Laminated beam

Prefabracated Laminated Beam

Original 8 oz. Polyester (by the foot)

Original 8 oz polyester * Oxford weave * 68" wide

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Pad eye - plastic

Nylon pad eyes. Many uses!  

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Plywood coaming
Qty in Stock: 2
Sea Lect Design 10'' dia round hatch

10" diameter round hatch

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Sea Lect Design 8'' dia round hatch

8" diameter round hatch

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Seals backband

Seals quality backbands. Comes with straps.

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Seals cockpit cover

Nylon cockpit cover

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Seals cockpit seal

Nylon cockpit seal -suitable for transportation

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Sewing needles

Sewing needles

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Stitching Twine

3 ply polyester thread

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