Economy 6 oz. Polyester

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POLYESTER uncoated * 6 oz. Oxford weave * 66" wide

LAST ROLL!  We can not get more of this.

While looking for new fabrics I sent samples out to a mills and  I found this fabric, which looks almost identical to the "8 oz." we have sold for years.  The weave is slightly coarser, but that is only visible if you put the two side beside each other, The weave is much looser. I would recommend using the Double Corded stitch for best results.

DRAWBACKS - We have sold a good bit of this and the feedback we are receiving is the fabric is a little hard to seal because of the loose weave. After 3 coats of paint there are pin holes so it is taking extra coats to seal the weave.

This fabric was made for a client and it did not meet their specifications. The yarn was mislabeled and is a high shrinkage and they specified a low shrinkage yarn. There is a large but limited supply of this fabric. I got a great deal on it and I am passing that savings on to you!

Uncoated Polyester will also accept just about any finish unlike nylon. Paint, polyurethane, varnishes, etc. Even water based products.

I recommend ordering 1 foot longer than your boat length. On wide boats such as the MessAbouts, order 2 extra feet.


Even though we have had no reports of any problems with any coating on this fabric, keep in mind that you should alwasy test andy coating before applying it on the finished boat. 

Reviewed by Steve , 10/27/2016

Great product! I wish I had ordered twice as much because I will be using this on my next build. Shipment was quick and as always Jeff provides great customer service.

Reviewed by Passinthru , 07/10/2016

I have used the previously offered 11 oz cloth as well as doing my latest project with this cloth. I had great success with this cloth. I used the double corded method and was careful not to pull tight enough to create pull holes. While the cloth seemed to have some 'give' at that point and even after ironing, I sealed the cloth with Construction Adhesive before painting and it turned out smooth and tight (but flexible). Used without the sealer it may be harder to fill the weave but I have another boat to skin this winter and plan to use this cloth again. 

Reviewed by Jon , 12/13/2015

Well I tried the corded method with this material- lots of pulls, had much more success with the heavier polyester

Reviewed by sherman k, 12/03/2015

this fabric was so easy to work with.  this was the first time i worked with it and it came out drum tight perfect.  i highly recomend it.