Tadpole (kids kayak) * Full size plans

: Tadpole (kids kayak) * Full size plans
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A kayak just for kids! It is designed to look just like Mom and Dads and handle similarly too.  It is approx. 12' foot long, 19" wide and has a strong V shapped hull to assist in tracking.  It has a mazimum displacment of 150 lbs.The hull was designed with a lot of flare which should give it  stronger secondary stability to keep those kids upright.

Kids under 75 lbs may not submurge the boat enough to be stable at first and need outriggers. If so it is should be very easy to make a set by placing a board under bungee cords on the back deck.  Then attach lobster floats or small boat fenders to the board.


Full sized plans make the boat building experience much less stressful and much easier. With my plans there is no lofting required (laying out and drawing the frames). You simply cut out the individual pieces from the plans, glue them on the plywood, and cut to the lines.


My boats are designed using the latest in marine software. The plans are drawn using CAD software, and then plotted on a large format plotter to ensure accuracy.


Included is our detailed assembly manual with over 100 pages and approximately 100 images and illustrations which walk you through your build. If you get stumped you can get help from other builders in my forum. And of course I am active there too. 


The plans are license to build one boat. If you wish to build more than one please see 2nd boat fee item for more details


Reviewed by Jonathan R, 09/03/2019

If your youngster is looking for a step up from the typical bathtubs marketed to kids this is the boat for them.   I know that Jeff  sizes this plan on weight but it does approach a bit too small for someone with youth seven shoe size and greater.  The new plans have a greater front deck clearance which is nice for kids who don’t like to leave their legs straight out.  The cockpit coming might be a little small if you have a child that is all legs.  The great thing about this design is that it is easily adaptable to out Riggers just like training wheels on a bike when your youngster is ready just remove the out rigor’s.  This boat however does not have any room for storage so if the plan is camping mom or dad will have to carry all the gear.  IMO it is the easiest of all the boats to build.