Seals SEA SPRITE spray skirt

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SEALS SEA SPRITE spray skirt, custom made to fit Kudzu Craft boats. Nylon tunnel with removable suspenders.  Neoprene spray deck.  Neoprene decks fit very itght and are hard to put on. Unless you are paddlign in rough conditions a nylon spray deck may be a better choice.

  • High performance 4mm neoprene deck

  • 3-ply waterproof, breathable fabric tunnel with adjustable neoprene chestband

  • 3" tall neoprene transition to tunnel

  • Removable suspenders

  • E-Z stretch 3/8" stitched bungee attachment to the rim

  • Grabloop includes integrated safety whistle

  • Double-stitched and sealed seams

If you have questions please contact SEALS. I can not answer any questions about these.

Reviewed by Leonard D, 10/04/2019

This is a very good quality spray skirt.
I use my Short Shot exclusively in the ocean, where things can get a bit rough on windy days. I asked Jeff to order this heavy duty spray skirt for me, since it's more suited to the conditions I see than the lightweight one. When I first got it, I was worried it would be too small, but I was mistaken. The fit on the boat is snug and secure-- I needed to actually climb in to get enough leverage to put it on the coaming. Once I got the hang of it, it was easy to put on. The little tabs around the side make it easy to adjust it how I want. It keeps all the water out and stays on the boat. You are going to get warm under this thing if you use it in hot weather. But if you sometimes get waves breaking over your deck like I do, it's just the thing. The responsive feeling of a skin boat in rough seas is completely different from the feeling of being dashed against the floor that you get in fiberglass or wood. It's just really fun.
Note: If you really think you need this skirt vs. the other one, then you also need some float bags in your boat. I use a pair of Litewater Dinghies that I had lying around and inflate them until I can't get any more air in. A couple big inner tubes would work, too, if you have a pump hose that can reach into the boat. The idea is to fill the boat with air as much as possible so it won't fill with water. A single breaking wave that goes into your cockpit can cook your goose if you don't have flotation. Find a calm shallow place and tip your boat over to see what I mean.