Stitching Twine

: Stitching Twine
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3 ply polyester thread for stitching on the skin.  2 oz spools with appoximately 160 yards/480 feet of thread. This should be enough to sew several boats.

Reviewed by Passinthru , 12/05/2015

Probably due to my ham fisted stitching skills but I found this thread was too easy to break. It has 3 strands and if one breaks you have to knot it off and start from there. Others have suggested using braided fishing line. I'm going to give that a try. 
This thread is good for general hand stitching in other outdoor equipment that doesn't have to be pulled so tightly. 

Reviewed by Pacific P, 12/03/2015

Threads through Poly very easy.  Product as advertised.