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FreeB-12 is a 12 foot long by 28” wide recreational kayak. It has a 36" long coaming making it easier to get in and out of. The high stability should be comfortable for a first timer paddlers. I can imagine this boat being used for fishing or photography from in flat water. This IS NOT an open water boat!


These are not our full size plans! This is just the offsets for those that know how to layout the frames from the offsets.

As the name implies the offsets for this boat are furnished at no charge to those willing to assume all liability. It is not FreeWare and I retain all rights to the design. By downloading the file you argree to hold Kudzu Craft harmless and to assume all liability. No support is provided. The offsets are intended for those that understand the building process. If you have never built a fuselage frame boat then I suggest buying a copy of my book Fuselage Frame Boats, A guide to building skin kayaks and Canoes.  It will walk you through the steps of building this style boat. You can buy a copy at the Kudzu Craft store. 





Reviewed by Robert , 09/01/2016

Plans look good. Looks interesting but probably a little small for my 240 pounds and some fishing gear.

Reviewed by Matt , 12/03/2015

I 'bought' the free downloadable plans.  They were easy to read and easily worth 3 times what I paid for them.  They did lead me to buy the electronic version of the Kudzu book from which I recommend and learned a lot from.  I haven't build a boat yet but it's on my list of winter projects this year.