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: More Fuselage Frame Boats
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The second edition of Fuselage Frame Boats, More Fuselage Frame Boats. In it I will show you how to build lightweight boats at a very low cost.

While my new book covers some of the same material as the first book, it also has some new techniques and of course new boats. One new item is how to build a Fuselage Frame boat with a wood transom that can be varnished if you so desire.

This book will walk you through the process of building your own boat. I start by addressing the space needed to build a boat as well as tools needed. There is a detailed section on laying out the frames from a table of offsets. Progressing to how to assemble the frame, skinning the boat and through all the steps to preparing your boat for launching.

Included are offsets for four of my boat designs. Flyfisher, a small rowing boat. Matilda, a performance rowing boat with a varnished wood transom. The Mess-About 12' recreational kayak along with a kids kayak, Tadpole. Also there is Crawfish, a two person Pirogue. All offsets are listed in Metric and English.

All copies bought from our store are autographed by the author.

ISBN: 1480007609
ISBN-13: 978-14800076

Reviewed by Walter H, 09/15/2019

Just got the book to help with building a FreeB. It is going to be a great deal of help.


Reviewed by Byron , 11/03/2016

Great book! I may never build a fuselage frame boat (I might), but I'm always curious and this book is tops. Well worth the $ and I received the book a short time after ordering. And, it's autographed S Jeff Horton! Perfect for a shop (location) that has to be kept reasonably clean of sawdust.