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The plans are a license to build one boat.  If you wish to build additional boats, we request $25 for per additional boat. (If you want a second set of plans you will have to order them at full price.)
Many people assume that once they buy plans they can build as many boats as they want. When you buy a set of plans you are buying the right to build one boat from the furnished set of plans. Not the right to build as many as you want.
People tend to get upset about this but look at this way.  Lets say you have designed and built a great new paddle that you are selling. If someone comes into your shop and buys one from you he isn't entitled to second one free is he? He doesn't pay for one and then take 2 or 3  home. Of course not, he is expected to pay for the second paddle.
For boat designers the right to build a boat is our ‘paddle’.  The right to build our design is our product, that is what we sell you. Designers are not trying to be a pain or cheat you out of your money but this is how we make a living. If you do not pay the designer for a second boat it is no different than taking a second paddle without paying for it.
With that said, will I come after you for not paying me? Most likely not. I probably will never even know about it anyway.  I believe that most Boat people are honest souls and believe in paying for what they receive.

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