Original 8 oz. Polyester (by the foot)

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POLYESTER uncoated * 8 oz./6 oz*  Oxford weave * 68" wide (See note below)

We have been selling this fabric since we opened and it has covered many boats. Unlike nylon polyester does not absorb water and loosen around the frame when it gets wet. Uncoated Polyester will also accept just about any finish unlike nylon. Paint, polyurethane, varnishes, etc. Even water based products.

Keep in mind that this is a loose weave fabric so you it will need to be sewn on carefully. Unlike nylon, I have always advocated sewing this on rather loose and then heat shrink it to the boat. I have recently found a stitch that allows you sew it on tight without the pull holes. Doing in the this way you are not depending on the heat to shrink and it will make for a tighter skin.

I recommend ordering 1 foot longer than your boat length. On wide boats such as the MessAbouts, order 2 extra feet.

PLEASE NOTE! I sent a sample of this fabric to another mill we work with and according to their analysis this is actually a 6 oz. per yard fabric, not an 8 oz. It is sold to us as an 8 oz. fabric by our supplier. Being that we are not experts in the field we have not way to know who it right so we want to be up front with you and let you know what we are told.  It doesn't change that fact that this has been a good fabric and we have no plans


Reviewed by Norman Wilson, 02/02/2018

Extremely rapid service. Still building the kayak and, since it is my own design, intend to first try with a polythene skin prior to using the cloth. Could be some time since all the ponds here are frozen! Have seen the videos and don't expect any problems.

Reviewed by Jon Richer, 08/02/2016

Jeff makes ordering easy and the product was exactly as advertised. Excellent, quality finish on a cool new rowing boat.

Reviewed by Jay H Grossman, 12/04/2015

Very happy with my decision to use this cloth. I used the video prepared by Kudzu Kraft as a guide and was able to work the cloth as recommended. The cloth stretched as noted in the video and created a nice surface to apply a urethane coating. With a little ironing the cloth became taught and has held tight without stretching. The fabric took the urethane well and showed no signs of leaking during a season of use.

Reviewed by Matthijs van der Scheer, 12/03/2015

Although I haven't finished my project jet, I am very pleased with the fabric. In the Netherlands it was impossible to buy somthing that came close to this quality. Great to be able to purchase it with you!

Reviewed by Pacific Paddler, 12/03/2015

Quality product as advertised.  Great Customer service and information.