9 oz polyester -150' ROLL

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150 FOOT ROLL POLYESTER * uncoated * 9 oz. * Plain weave * 66" wide
PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING * $540 per roll * $80 shipping * SEE DETAILS BELOW

Tight weave with a fairly smooth. Sewing this fabric should be easy to without the pull holes you would get with the original 8 oz we sold for so many years. Soakes the finish in very well rather than just sitting on the surface.

There is some shrinkage left in the fabric but we still recommend sewing it on tightly rather than depending on the fabric to shrink to get it tight on the boat.

SPECIAL ORDER - Will take about 2 weeks for delivery.



Continental US only * We ship the roll by UPS Ground. Included in the price is an $80 shipping fee.
Once we determine the actual shipping cost, if it is less than $80 we will issue a refund for the difference.

WARNING One of my clients used Coelan as a coating and it caused the skin to wrinkle horribly. This fabric may be not compatible with Coelan. You must alwasy test any coating before applying it to the boat!

FOLLOW UP (2/23/2021)
I am seeing more and more reports of this fabric relaxing with Paint such as Rustolem also. We have been unable to figure out what is causing this. 

I am going to recommend that if you don't want wrinkles use one of our other fabrics.

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