About Us

I have loved the water since I was just a kid. I have also been fascinated with wooden boats for almost as long. I still remember the first Chris Craft runabout I saw. We had a fiberglass boat and I thought that wooded boat was the coolest boat on the water.

Building a wood boat has been something I almost always wanted to do.

I rebuilt a Chris Craft Sea Skiff, 'Makin' Waves' many years ago. Then I built a small DK-13 kayak that I really enjoyed but it was an awfully small boat. When I sold my lake house to a friend of mine, I gave him the kayak. I also sold my Sail Boat with the plan of building another once my new shop was finished.

After roughly 3 years of work the house was finished and it was time to turn my attention to building my new boat.

While planning the new sailboat I decided to build another kayak since the sailboat build would be a big project and would take a long time. A kayak would give me a chance to get out on the water while I worked on the sail boat. The search for the 'perfect' kayak lead me to modify an existing design. That lead to me designing one from scratch and I finally ended up with Wren.

Of course a custom built Kayak needs a paddle. I wanted to try a Greenland style paddle so I built one, then other, and another. Then I read about hollow shaft Euro style paddles and wanted to try that. I got interested in Skin on Frame boats and read everything I could find on them. I designed and built one, then another one. One thing lead to another and suddenly I realize there is a lot of dust on the sailboat plans.......