9 oz polyester

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POLYESTER uncoated * 9 oz. * Plain weave * 66" wide

New fabric (Sep 20, 2018) 

This is tight weave fabric with a fairly smooth finish. Easy to sew without the pull holes you would get with the original 8 oz we sold for so many years. Finishes soak in well rather than just sitting on the surface.

There is some shrinkage left in the fabric but we still recommend sewing it on tightly rather than depending on the fabric to shrink to get it tight on the boat.

I recommend ordering 1 foot longer than your boat length. On wide boats such as the MessAbouts, order 2 extra feet.



WARNING One of my clients used Coelan as a coating and it caused the skin to wrinkle horribly. This fabric may be not compatible with Coelan. You must alwasy test any coating before applying it to the boat!

Reviewed by Tony S, 05/22/2019

I used this fabric on a stonefly canoe and was very pleased with the results. I used oil based polyurethane and got a little bit of slackness in the centre between the gunwale and the first stringer after coating. I found it easy to sew and stretch but I am not sure how much shrinkage occurred with the ironing. Maybe I was worried about melting it so didn't have the iron hot enough but as I didn't have any wrinkles before coating I thought it was tight enough. I might try heating it with a heat gun from the inside to remove the minor wrinkling but once again I don't won't to melt it. Anyway I would recommend it.